Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Mornin! It's been a while...

Good Mornin! I know it's been a while and a lot of things have taken place around our home.  I am still enjoying my photography and continuing to expand my business. I have been working on my website and social networking sites so that I can better my visibility. But first, I must take time to show you the newest members of our family. I am not really an animal lover. I have always been fond of kittens and cats but dogs.... we'll, I can't say that I care much about them. First of all pets are time consuming and can be costly. The time consuming part really is the part that I think about the most. Pets need lots of interaction, exercise and downright love.  So, for random reasons, I was scanning through Instagram and came across these precious shih poos.  A girl by the name of Kelli raises shih poos and maltipoos to sell as a side business. I fell in love, made a phone call, went to the safe, deducted a small amount of money and she brought me this romping, stomping, solid black, energetic, bad to the bone puppy dog.  We have fallen head over heals in love and she is so happy to have us as her family.  I can tell that she loves her new life because she kisses and thanks me every day.  Madison, decided to name her Adele and we call her Addie for short and Madison calls her Adele Sable Rose! for when Addie is in BIG trouble!  Meet Addie!

So lets talk... Not only am I a new dog owner but somewhere in my moment of insanity, we acquired a Rooster, by the way, Rookie is it's name.  Rookie is a beautiful Rhode Island Red Rooster. I mentioned, just mentioned that I would like to have a rooster and the next thing I know I have one. Mike's sister, a true farmer girl, tied this chap up and delivered him all the way from Morrilton, Arkansas. There is so much to say about Rookie. He is such a man, so clever and boastful. For those of you that don't know me, I am practically deaf. Really! I wear hearing aids in both ears but not at night.  This is a recipe for compatibility between Rookie and I, because those of you that don't know me, I love to sleep.  My favorite time to sleep is between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m., that's when sleep really gets good.  So, for Rookie and his early moments of declarations, he and I are cool.  Along with Rookie, I acquired a hen.  Since then, the hen was killed by a murderer right in my backyard and that made me almost cry.  I almost cried.... because everyday, my hen (she had no name) laid me a beautiful brown egg in a pot right outside my back door. For those of you that don't know me, I hate spending 3 bucks on eggs, so, hen and I really hit it off right from the start. Since hen's death we now have two new hens that we keep up at night to protect from the murderer. So let's get back to Rookie.  Each morning, we let Rookie and the 2 hens out of their cage and they come out just cackling. By mid-morning, they are ready for some chicken scratch.  It is so neat to see them come running, they look like school kids running towards the ice cream truck.  One morning, I failed to take care of Rookie and he came to the backdoor, leaped in the air and gave the door a karate chop. I promise he did just that. He likes to be put to bed early so that he can arise early declare his just manhood.  One evening, I failed to put him in his cage early enough and so to vent his frustration, he leaped into the air and gave my kitchen window a karate chop. I've come to love Rookie, yet he still won't let me get too close, unless he's ready for me to pick him up and put him to bed. Here's Rookie.

Mother's day weekend brought us a new surprise.  A bunny rabbit. My mom had this brilliant idea to go to the co-op and check out the animal swap that was going on.  There were goats, chickens, horses, dogs, sheep and bunny rabbits. Samuel fell in love with our new pet Freckles. Freckles and I haven't quite gotten to know each other but during the night he sleeps in the house in his pet carrier and in the chicken pen during the day.  We are going to have to build him a home and do our best to keep him away from the cats, Cuddles and Mitten.
Meet Freckels

And then there's Mitten. This is Mitten when she was a kitten.  She is showing off her paw.

Mitten came to us as an abandoned kitten.  Our momma cat was giving suck to some babies at the time and she graciously took Mitten to raise. Since then, our faithful Momma Cat has come up missing and we assume that she is dead.  Anyway, mitten was supposed to be a outside cat until one day she came up missing and was found in the bushes with a broken leg.  Madison was frantic, crying and beyond herself.  For a solid day, Mitten laid in the bushes hoping that we would find her and rescue her.  We eventually went on a rampage, and heard her faint cry and took her home to live the rest of her days in the comfort of house and home.  Now, we love Mitten. I mean, I LOVE Mitten! I can't say enough good things about this little girl.  She is tiny and sweet but sneaky and inquisitive. Her life requires lots of sleep. She loves to hear the sound of cat food opening but refuses to eat a bite. Needless to say, I quit wasting my money.  Mitten so far has decided that she will not live in harmony with Addie. She refuses to be kind or gentle and reverts to slapping Addie in the face.  Maybe some day....

Mitten spends most of her time looking out the window watching Rookie.  Sometimes, Mittens makes a great escape by timing it just right.  She knows when the garage door opens and closes, she knows when we go out to let the chickens out and she waits patiently at the edge in hopes to make her escape.

Mitten must be just sleepy all the time cause she sure does yawn, quite a bit.
Next there's Cuddles..... I'll show you the true man around the farm later. Stay tuned for Cuddles the cat. Have a farmilicious day!

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