Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Royal Caribbean Cruise, Little Rock Photographer Galveston, Texas

Our Royal Caribbean Cruise left out of Galveston, Texas on a beautiful sunny day.  Our cruise took us to Grand Caymen, Cozumel, and to Falmouth, Jamaica.  We spent our time on the beach the first two stops and when we arrived in Jamaica we took an excursion to Mystic Mountain where we boarded a sky lift which took us through the rainforest and to a resort on top of the mountain overlooking Montego Bay. We boarded a bobsled and I was able to capture my ride of the bobsled with my camera!  We spent some time enjoying the scenery and visiting with many of the people on the mountain.  We then geared up for a lengthy zip line through the rainforest.  One of the zip lines was a vertical fall to the lower level.  It was the best day of the whole journey.  The photos are a few of the photos that I captured on the trip.  There was a magic show on stage in which Madison and Samuel participated in as well as a ice skating show on the boat.  All in all there were approximately 40 people from our home church that came along and a few others that we met from other churches. I hope you enjoy the pics! Some of the photos are not in the order in which I took them.  Ice Skating 3 Our messy room! Our very little messy room! I think Colton is hearing some music and its making him happy!

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