Thursday, June 7, 2012

Arsh and Mommy Saira, Little Rock Children's Photograper

The apartment door opened and I met Saira and baby Arsh for the first time. Saira was ever so kind and welcomed me in as baby Arsh watched me with wide eyes and a "not so sure of who you are" little grin. Right away I learned that the day had already been busy taking care of the needs of the baby, so much so that Mommy hadn't had time to take care of her own needs in preparation of me coming over. According to Saira the baby had been fussy all day and putting him down was out of the question. I state that I totally understand her reasons because I knew what it was like to have had little ones. I look around and find a pallet on the living room floor, all the mini blinds closed and an apartment that looked like family had been enjoying their sweet little 5 month old baby. This setting was totally different to me but I concluded that no matter what it was time to take charge and go to work. I searched for the room that would provide the most window light and began to open the mini blinds and pull back curtains. Saira busied herself changing the baby's clothes while I searched for a white sheet to throw over the bed. My first shots of Arsh were definitely a warm-up period but within 10 minutes or so I was in full swing. Mommy Saira was so excited cooing and pulling out toys for Arsh to "look at and smile." In the meantime Saira's Mom and Grandmother came in the front door with smiles and lots of attention ready to give to baby Arsh. I greeted them and felt like my session was just going to get better because of them. Having four generations under the same roof was going to result in lasting memories I was going to have the honor to photograph. Saira became so excited about the session that she changed into some pretty little dresses so that I could take photos of her and her baby boy. I love the special bond that I was able to capture between this mother and her son. When I left I was so excited to have been a part of this day, watching this family interact with each other and feel the love between them all. I hope you enjoy and as always, spread the word.

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