Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring is just around the Corner, Little Rock Photograper

Yes, spring is just around the corner. My daffodils began blooming this past weekend, the buds are pushing their way through on the trees and I am considering, painting, peeling off some old wallpaper, laying hardwoods and adding some color to my wardrobe. I guess all of that constitutes a bit of spring. The weather has been almost pristine and I am aching to get outside and stir up some dirt. I just so happen to be gong through some summer photos and thought I'd share.

This is a shot that I took about 4:30 one afternoon as the sun was setting at my back. The trees behind me were blocking some of the rays and I was ever so lucky that this little butterfly landed on the flower in which the sun was striking. I was using my Canon 5d Mark II and was playing around with my 24-70mm 2.8 lens. I had it zoomed in at 200mm so I could get close enough not to scare the butterfly. I was sitting on the ground just waiting for something. The butterfly just so happened to stop by. I had already been fooling with my settings so I was ready for whatever might stop by. My ISO was set at 400 and my F-stop was at 3.5 so that my subject would be separated from my background. I had quite a bit of sun on that spot and so I set my Shutter to 1/4000th of a second. If I had set it slower it would have blown the photo out because my aperture was wide open. This photo needed no editing and that is exciting!

This photo was shot with the same exact settings except my Shutter was at 1/5000th. The sun was just a little brighter so my shutter had to allow less light on my subject.

This is Momma Cat. Yes that is her name. She has earned it time and time again. As I was pulling out of the drive one day I noticed she was taking her well deserved nap. Most animals are spooked by the camera but not Momma Cat, as you can tell, she could care less. Just another photo op.

This is my girl. She's 13 years old now. Oh it make me want to cry. Look, she lost her first tooth. She is 7 years old in this photo. I found this photo and I love it. This was back in the day when I knew nothing about photography and thought that all photos had to be slanted. I took the photo monotone in the camera and probably was in Program mode. I still squeeze her lots and lots and tell her just how much I love all of her unique qualities.

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