Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lets go Walking on The Big Dam Bridge, Little Rock Photographer

There is an awesome Bridge about two miles from my home in which I love to walk on. It is a perfect 35 minute walk with a nice incline on one end and decline on the other. There is almost always a great breeze blowing and if its cold outside I'm jerking off a jacket to enjoy the cool air. I love to walk and I love photography. Walking gives me time to reflect on things in my life, pray for family and friends, sing a tune, and many times my whole family use this moment for spending time together. When I am taking a photos, I hide behind the camera and it relaxes me. I don't have to talk, worry or respond to life, just create. I often take my camera with me when I go walking on the Bridge. I sort of feel like a stalker especially if I bring my BIG lens. I often wonder what people are thinking when they see such a big lens being all of a sudden pointed their way. I'm sure that hundreds of people a day cross this bridge is one way or the other. I see bikers, sporting some really cool bikes and biking gear. Many dog lovers bring their dogs for some exercise, kiddos bring their bikes and lots of people just run and walk this bridge. I'll have to say, I think this is the coolest bridge and it just so happens to be a Dam so they named it "The Big Dam Bridge..."

God Bless the United States of America.

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