Friday, February 3, 2012

Brody and Audrey, Twins, Little Rock Photographer

I was super excited at the opportunity to photograph these twins. The first time I met them was at their Aunt Kattie's wedding. In fact, Kattie is a twin. I photographed Kattie's wedding in December and guess what, Kattie married a twin, his name is Michael. So hopefully you understand why this was so exciting to me.
I am not typically an in-studio flash photographer. I own a Calumet Travelite set. I've had to replace the bulb in one of them but other than that I have had no problems. I have had some studio training but I prefer using available light. My client preferred a white background so I knew that to get my white balance correct I'd need to use my flash set-up. So before the client arrived I set up my lights and back drop. I plugged my light in and nothing. Nothing! Oh no... I didn't have another choice, I had to rely on the available light that was in my room. I know it's not professional to admit my shortcomings but, I had a problem with this situation because I haven't learned how to correctly set my white balance. Any way, I must go on.
Grandma arrived with her 2 year old grandkids and she had packed the house in her tote. Flowers, teapots, cups, candy, cookies, hats, boas and the lists goes on. I think these two tore every petal off of all the roses and the daffodils were exhausted! Little Aubrey was the sweetest little girl with such patience with her brother and Brody, he admired his sister over and over, whispering her name and comforting her when he had gotten too rough with her.

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Carol Dressel said...

What a professional you are Chynthia, to continue undaunted by an equipment malfunction, without alarming a dotting Grandparent and STILL to obtain such beautiful pictures of this Grandmother's beautiful twins. You are an outstanding photographer and I am a creative Grandmother with a great bag of goodies!


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