Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Trip to New York. Little Rock Photographer

I've begged, I've pleaded, I've yearned to visit New York. My sister works for Southwest Airlines and a while back they sent her to New Jersey and she was given a beautiful hotel suite overlooking the railroad tracks in New Jersey. Anyway, it was first class and brand new too. She called and invited us to come. I was thrilled. So Madison, my Dad and I boarded a plane and flew into New Jersey. When we arrived we took a monorail to the shuttle and then on to the hotel.

Now, I must say, it was quite a trip getting from New Jersey to the streets of New York. I'll make it simple. We catch the hotel shuttle to airport parking garage, catch the bus to New Jersey Penn, NJ transit to New York Penn station, at Penn you get on a subway to the wherever you choose to go. Now, if you want to spend money, you can just stay in a hotel on Times Square, but I wanted to keep my money and travel half of my day!!! I'll describe New York with a few choice words. Walk, walk and walk and walk, walk and walk. It was so fun walking though, seeing all the sites along the way. My feet felt like the thick end of a turkey drumstick when we finally said our fare wells but I'd go back because "I Love New York."

Central Park.

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