Monday, July 18, 2011

Josh and David, one brother tougher than the other?

I can't imagine what it would be like having two boys. Just thinking about it almost makes me cringe. I was the middle child and I had one brother that tormented the life out of my sister and I. It seemed that his arms were as long as they needed to be at the moment in which he chose to impart his torture. Having a boy and a girl myself is hard enough. She is the motherly type and he is getting at the age in which he knows he no longer has to obey. I'll have to admit, boys are so different and they have a way in which they snuggle really close to a mothers heart.
Josh and David, said they weren't nervous for this photo shoot but I was. Seriously... where does one begin. Well, I began with making them put orange road cones on their head and was so nervous I called them pink. That's all it took to break the ice and from then on, it flowed. Fun.


Anonymous said...

I may be because I'm the proud aunt of the two wonderful boys but, I think these pics are great!!

Lizard said...

Love the shadow ones.


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