Saturday, April 2, 2011

Emily, Children's Photographer

Emily. What can I say. I love love love this little gal. She's been an all time fav for 12 years. She is a few months older than my Madison. She just became a sister to a little boy named Mason. She had been dying for me to take her pics. We were in such a hurry and I wish I would have had more time. These are a few of the goodies that I chose. She is a fan of my blog and tells me that "I'm awesome." How can I turn down a photo shoot to someone that is forever more rubbing my feathers in the right direction. Hope you like them Em. Love you.

She wanted her pics in this skirt. She made it. I was very impressed and I think that she needs to go into making bridal gowns one of these days. I think she'll soar.

Cutie pie with her little lazy eyes. I'll try to post more later.

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Brittany C. Brewer said...

Emily is one of my faves as well!! Great pics!


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