Monday, March 28, 2011

Allie, Infant Photographer

A very special thing happened in the lives of many people yesterday. A little girl named Allie was born to some very special friends of ours. Jaxon is officially a big brother now. Allie arrived just a little early but I think she was perfectly on time. I spent some time with Allie's mom today and made a makeshift studio right there in the hospital room. Enjoy a few of my favorites.

Jaxon just a few years ago. I love this little guy. His mommy tells me all the neat things that he says from time to time and I think we have a genius on our hands.

The day before Allie was born her daddy Jason had a 4 wheeler accident and cracked two of his ribs so he is spending his time in the spare bed while Angie is tending to Allie. Don't worry though, cause grandma Herring is busy coming and going and caring for her kiddos. I think she is right in her element, don't ya think?

This special headband bought for Allie by her aunt. It took my breath away...

I snuggled her up with her blanket and contented she became.

Some moments we are sure to forget.

These babies feet are so so yummy, soft and always warm and squishy.

When I left, Angie was already back to work and Jason was trying to figure out just how long this rib was gonna keep him grounded.


Brittany C. Brewer said...

These are sooooo good!! Poor Angie-Jason is stealing her sympathy and why is she working?? haha... Allie is precious! Great shots!

Adrienne Garcia said...

Beautiful moments you captured!


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