Monday, February 28, 2011

Las Vegas!

Las Vegas has 3 monorails. This one travels north and south from one end of the city to the other with about 7 or 8 stops. Not quite like the Disney monorail because on the Disney monorail everything you see is perfect lush gardens and hotels. The Las Vegas Monorail travels above a lot of buildings and the rooftops are a little to be desired.

The foliage is beautiful. I wish I could have gone during the spring months.

The MGM Grand, quite a beautiful complex. This is where the WPPI convention was held. It took me 15 minutes to walk from the self parking deck to the photography convention. I actually made the trip a total of 6 times!

All the way from Australia. This is Jerry Ghionis, one of the speakers and a fabulous photographer

The lion featured outside the MGM hotel.

Taxis by the millions and enough money will get you there first class.

A statue made out of jelly beans.

A total of 6 lanes running each direction, including the turning lanes. All the foot traffic is kept off of the streets by keeping pedestrians in the hotel and casinos, with bridges, escalators and elevators moving people from one hotel to the next.

The traffic is minimal because most people park and travel on foot.

Interested in betting on a horse to win? Well, they've thought of it all.

Beautiful architecture everywhere.

Beautiful rotundas.

The hotel lobby at Caesars Palace. This hotel did not impress me that much.

The Forum Shops, a part of Caesars Palace.

This is the Venetian Hotel. I believe this is a relatively new hotel. It has a gondola ride on the 2nd floor as well as outside. The ceiling on the 2nd floor is painted as though you are outside with beautiful blue skies. Breathtaking!

The half-mile ride lasts about 14 minutes and is a great way to get a unique view of the shops. Surrounded by a ceiling emulating blue sky as well as architecture inspired by Venice landmarks, a gondola trip down the Grand Canal delivers a unique Vegas experience.

Watch out, he's for real.

The foyer of the Venetian.

Riding on the monorail.

We rode a short distance away to visit the Hoover Dam. My camera lens was not adequate to capture such a large structure.

Cable lines.

It is hard to believe that our people, almost 70 years ago was able to endure the many hardships that it took to build this amazing structure. I can't help but think that we take so much for granted. I don't think that there is a structure in any other country that can compare.

My Dad. He will talk to anyone and everyone. It is amazing how many re-incarnations of Elvis that had cropped up all over the place.

Ha! This girl I noticed sitting a few seats ahead of me. I about fell over. She looks so much like my sister. I introduced myself to her (cause I will talk to anyone and everyone, lol) and asked permission for this photo. Her name is Corrine Noel.  Feel free to visit her site and tell her how you met her.  My apologies for not color correcting the photo.

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Brittany C. Brewer said...

Awesome pics! Vegas is one of my favorite places!! You took some great pics! I love the Venetian!!!=D Glad you had a good time....


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