Friday, January 21, 2011

New January snow

Yesterday, as the snow began to fall, I was standing in line at Kroger. From the looks of things, you'd have thought each and every shopper was preparing for a soon coming natural disaster. The Kroger employees were feverishly stocking the shelves, the meat department was wheeling out racks of freshly cut meat and it was obvious people were not thinking about New Years resolutions, losing weight! Somehow, deep down, I had this feeling that this was a snow that was going to be a short lived excitement. In fact, I had a sixth sense that before the day was over, we were going to see the sunshine. And so it was. But, while the beautiful puffs fell and as I pulled out of the parking lot, my eyes began to naturally skim about for a unique photo. It was a wet snow, so I didn't want to get out tramping about so I just disobeyed all the rules of the road, pulling right up to the location in which I could roll down my window and snap away in the warmth of my car. I drove about in the River Ridge area of Little Rock and just loved how the wind had blown the snow and how it all settled on the limbs of the trees with such uniqueness. The deep contrast of the water drenched limbs against the snow that was blown on the other side of each limb. I love the beauty of nature and think that I kinda walk through life somewhat dizzy, simply because I am forever looking for the beauty in the creation instead of paying attention to the very next step I have to take.


Nichole Criss said...
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Nichole Criss said...

These are beautiful photographs!! I especially like the first one of the house.. absolutely gorgeous :)


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