Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Christmas posted too late for the date. Children's Photographer

A week or so after Christmas, I went into our local Tipton and Hurst to browse and check out the bargains. I came across this hat, gloves and a pom-pom string. The sale was 80% off of the regular price so I snatched it up not really sure what I would do with it. Today, I was a busy bee, roaming about cleaning every nook and cranny with many more nooks and crannies to go. Well I was feeling a slight weary and decided to lie down for a short while. So while lying there the wheels of creativity began to flow and I called for Madison to hurry, we had some work to do. I coerced her into jazzing up for me so that I could improve on my photography skills. She moaned, wailed and threw her self about but I bargained with her that she could wear a pair of shoes that was 14 inches high. A look of complete surprise came over her and at that moment I knew I had won. Matt is a blast to photograph and will do all that I ask and more which makes it so much fun. The hat is what blew me away and makes her my little elf for the day, even if we are a month delayed.

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