Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school for me means, both of my kiddos are in school, time to myself, organizing what the summer has jumbled up, cleaning out the garage, cleaning my house, buying ONE instead of (3) Java Chip Frap's, much needed car repairs, quietness, riding in my car all by myself, starting some much needed college classes, visiting the library, shopping alone, and a myriad of other small pleasures I lost when I delved into motherhood. Although these moments don't last but for 7 hours, I soak them up as if facing the sun or a nice windy breeze.

Over the past few years I have grown to really like the Laman Library. I spend time there reading, catching up on college school work as well as the latest magazines on the shelves. The quietness is so inviting and I have always found the personnel to be very helpful and courteous. I also love the new cafe and the yummies that they sell. Today I dropped the kiddos off and headed to Pulaski Tech for a keyboarding class. When class was over I needed some new brake pads and some sort of belt to keep my car from squealing. My daughter informed me that it is beneath her to ride in our vehicle with such racket coming from unknown parts. I promised her that I would repair it today and she continued to read me the right act until I forced her to get out! So I called Stuart's Brakes on JFK and they were so nice, they came to Laman Library and got my car, took it to the shop, repaired it and returned it about 2 hours later. Okay, so then I went for a Starbucks and that's the rest of the story... until later.
Laman Library,August,Pershing,landscaping,North Little Rock
Laman Library,Little Rock photographer,landscaping,North Little Rock,Library,Pershing,Pulaski Tech

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