Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Pentecostal Church, N. Little Rock :: Aaron and Amanda


Whimsical and vintage are two words to describe this enormous production Amanda and Aaron called their wedding. Wow! From day one, these guys had it together. Dude, I stood amazed at this stand alone dress in which Amanda designed from the far corners of her enormous brain. I imagine life will be sweet for this couple with all their talents and abilities. It was a pleasure to walk beside them during this momentous time in their life.

Oh, and Liz, you rock. I couldn't make it without you.

So for now, I plan to retire for the evening.. It's been a fun filled day but I will have to post more later. See Ya!


Lizard said...

Cindy– Me and you? We're a team. You're my photographer and I'm your proofreader:) Everyone needs a proofreader.

As for AA– Love these guys. Yes, she has the best style and her wedding showed it! I can't wait to see the rest of the pix.

AA– I love you guys to pieces. Lots and lots of pieces. You are two of the most wonderful people I know and I consider myself lucky to have you both as such good friends.

Best wishes! I pray that the Lord blesses your marriage abundantly (I'm talking about heaps and heaps of blessings). You deserve it.

Lizard Ruby

Charity said...

Amazing pictures.....and an equally amazing couple! Wishing them all the best. I love how you capture the happiness and personalities of the couples (people) you photograph.


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