Monday, March 15, 2010

Something besides Photography

I know that this is a photography blog but I have something I'd like to share. My husband Mike has been very active in the jail and prison ministry in the cities surrounding Arkansas. From time to time we receive letters from inmates with wonderful testimonies of how God helped them while being visited by my husband. I have one that I want to share.

March 7, 2010

First Pentecostal Church
Attn; Mike Rankin and Mr. Baxter,

I am writing to you to thank both of your for your faithfulness in coming to share the Word of God with those of us here at the Wrightsville Unit. I would not be obedient to the Lord if I did not share with you my testimony after hearing Bro. Rankin's testimony this past Sunday at the Boot Camp Worship Services. First I was blessed by your message but today- ( Sunday, March 7, 2010) you spoke directly to me. Bro. Rankin kept insisting that he had to go on with what he had to say because someone needed to hear what God was saying. Well, it was me. Your testimony of what happened in Missouri was just what I needed.

I came to prison in April of 2009. I was sentenced to 80 years for 2nd degree forgery and theft of property. I pleaded guilty to more that 1,000 counts. I received 8, 10 year sentences to run consecutively. I left behind a husband of 23 years and 2 children. I felt my life was over. After spending 11 months in the county jail I turned my life over to Christ. I knew there was a God, but I found out who God really was. I cried out to him day and night for help. I was devastated by my sentence, but I knew that after reading many of the promises in the Bible, especially about the story of the persistent widow, I began to fast and pray for direction. I was led by God to write the judge and ask for a sentence reduction. I did just that. After compiling the letter, after about 90 days, the judge responded. He reduced my sentence from 80 years to 38 years. After receiving that news, I told God that if you allow the judge to suspend 18 years, I could go to work release until I'm free! It was done, just like that. Two weeks after the 1st reduction, the judge amended it and suspended the 18 years. Many said it could not be done because It had never been done before. I'm a believer that God uses these situations that only He can get the glory. The state has appealed the reduction. They are asking the Supreme Court to reverse the decision and give me back those 80 years. I received a huge brief in the mail last month. A lot of information that I don't understand. I am wrestling with thoughts that God did not change the judges heart like I had so desperately prayed for but God sent you today to confirm that "no man can change what God has done." I'm not worried about the appeal, God knew I needed to hear your testimony today about the miracles God has done for you. I thank God for you and the First Pentecostal Church Family. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless each of you to be a blessing to others. Thank You for allowing me to share my testimony. Sincerely, L. K.

I hope you enjoyed this letter as much as I did and that it will increase your faith!

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Brittany C. Haney Brewer said...

That is WONDERFUL! This inspires me to do more outreach!


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