Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines Day Don't Delay

I always wait til the day before to think about Valentines day. I remember growing up dreaming
that a box of chocolates were going to be delivered to my classroom, or maybe a rose or two. I
don't recall of that ever happening. It always happened to someone else. SO, I am going to
encourage you to think early, act quickly and think of someone that may not have any one to
send them a box of chocolates. Many elderly people go day in and day out without any one to
think of them as a special person. There are children that are special and may not have a Dad or
Mom to think of them. A lot of our soldiers are away during this time and their family could use some
encouragement. Get out and think of something special that you can do for someone on Valentines
Day. Remember, It will someday come back to you.

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