Friday, February 5, 2010

Out by the river

I'll be honest, I am not skilled in Photoshop. I have it , love it, use it but wish I could live without it.
I love SOOC shot and like to take the time getting it right before I go into Photoshop. I feel
as though I always need to bump the saturation and slightly sharpen images but that's about all.
I recently stumbled onto a wonderful blog, and this talented gentleman Will King tweeked my desire to try
something new. I have been cooped up in the house and was itchin to get outside. It was very cold
and the sun had been who knows where forever. I took my tripod and composed this shot. I kinda
like it and hope it ends up on the front of Popular Photography. LOL, very L.

After I picked the kiddos up we drove down by another part of the river and what to my wonder the
sun burst forth like gold. I parked the car and went over to this field. The sun kept peeking out from time
to time. I would have taken more time but my kiddos were so excited about the sunshine they were
bounding from one spot to another and I was afraid they were going to fall in the river.

My rule. If your kids torture you, torture them back. This is my way of getting back at them.
I send them to the field, make them stand still and smile. I usually want to pinch their heads
off before it is over. Un-cooperative!

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amber dodd. said...

Love the shots! They're great! I miss living near the country...


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