Saturday, February 6, 2010

Many thanks!

The other day I was pulled over and was informed that both tail lights were out in my car. I faced my sentencing like
a big girl and wished for the best. Thankfully, mercy was extended and I immediately went to the auto parts store and
purchased the correct tail lights for my car. I felt as though I could install them myself but was willing to pay a
reasonable fee to have them installed. So I pulled in to Stuart's Brakes on JFK and asked for instructions on how to go
about changing the lights. Mr. Stuart, the owner was quite busy at the time, but he told me that I probably could
do it by myself but I would need a special screwdriver. It was very cold and windy but he grabbed his tool and took his
time away from his schedule to put my lights in. I offered to pay but he said "don't worry" I walked away feeling so
grateful. So, I purchased this card and plan on sending it out today. How many times have we had special things done
for us and never sent a "thank you" note? I plan on getting my act together and send more "thank you" notes from now
on out. Try it yourself, I think it will make a big difference in our little world.

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