Sunday, January 31, 2010

Madison, Winter January 31, 2010

I looked out my front door and saw that the snow was melting at a fast pace. The sun was setting and the light was perfect. The contrast of the ground was beginning to appear beneath the snow. I hurried to get my camera, yelled for Matt to grab some shoes and out the door we went for just a few moments. These were so fun.

I know, I know, it's blurry. Real blurry, but somehow that is what my mind envisioned when I saw this shot. I love the pose and the contrast of the red hat and shoes and thought it interesting enough to try something different.

These red shoes were purchased at an estate sale. I fell in love and so did Madison. She didn't have to beg too hard. I told her that due to the fact that these were high heels, she would only get to play in our home with these shoes and so that has been the case since I bought them. For several years now these shoes have been wagged about by every little girl that could fit into the tiny size 5. Madison informed me that these are almost too tight but she has decided that we will keep them for other friends that come over to play. As I write this post I am reminded that I really should have gotten a close up for memories sake.

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Susan Sanders said...

Love these shots. That red hat with her wonderful fair skin and all the white really simplifies the compositions. And she is a wonderful subject, good body language and facial expression. Kinda Pippi Longstocking-esque.


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