Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Disney Vacation

View of the top deck on the Disney Wonder. See photos below.


This is the lobby inside the cruise liner. The cruise has a total of 10 decks, 3 pools, a spa, workout room, teen aloft club room, nursery, 2 children's activity rooms, 6 or 7 restaurants. Pizza, hamburgers, tacos, hot dogs, fish sandwiches, chicken fingers, fruit, sandwiches, fries and all the coke, hot chocolate and tea you can drink are served on the 9th deck with all the pools.


Our stater room was on the 2nd. floor. We were surprised to have a window. All the stater rooms are assigned housekeepers that clean and tidy up several times a day as well as prepare the bed at night and pull out bunk beds for the kids that come along. I did not notice any female housekeepers, all male. Quite interesting. At night when we came back in the room, the housekeeper had chocolates on the bed and had taken towels and made them into creatures such as crab and lobster or a monkey hanging from a coat hanger. One time we came in to find Samuel's Mickey Mouse sitting in the window looking out at the people coming and going on the island of Castaway Cay.


One morning I awoke to find Samuel asleep and Mickey Mouse was resting in the rays of sunlight streaming through the window.


The Beach Blanket Cafe is the  first place you go to eat once you board the ship. Yummy food and great service.


Our photo once we boarded the Disney Wonder. I took a photo of it on their kiosk, otherwise it costs $20.00!


A deck party before the ship sets sail. We boarded at noon and set sail at 4 on Sunday.


Our first day the ship took us to Nassau, Bahamas. This is what it looks like from on board the ship. I got off for only a brief moment. The port is very dirty. The residents are begging for you to purchase their goods or braid your hair in exchange for money. Lots of jewelry stores and lots of liquor and beer. There are nicer places to shop, such as near the Atlantis Hotel. We met some folks that took their day and visited that part of town. They said the beach was full of beggars and it was confusing trying to find their way around. I stayed in the room and slept, Samuel spent his time in the Oceaneer Lab, Mike and Madison went shopping and I joined them later.


Disney Dreams stage show. A production of Toy Story stage show and the last night, a production of The Golden Mickey's.


The second day of the cruise we stopped at the beautiful island of Castaway Cay. This island was leased to Disney by the Bahamians for 99 years. ( at least that is what we were told) This was my favorite day. There are many things to do on the island from snorkeling, glass bottom boats, parasailing to jet skiing. We chose the jet skis. We were subjected to 15 min. of grueling orders of rules and regulations. Our tour guides were Bahamian dudes and as soon as we were out of Disney view, he gave the go-ahead to open them up. I just couldn't wait. As soon as he gave the go-ahead, that is just what I did. I surmise that we were going about 35 miles an hour across beautiful, clear blue water. Our tour guide wanted to show off so he started doing stunts on his jet ski. 

There are Disney employees that stay on the island until the next cruise ship comes along to tidy things up. There is also a lot of new construction and most of these people are Bahamian and are brought in by boat.


We disembarked the ship on Thursday morning after a great breakfast in the Beach Blanket Cafe. After gathering our luggage we were bid farewell til we meet again. Our plans are to meet up with some friends and spend next week in the Disney Parks. Check in and see the new photos that I will load of our days in the parks.

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We miss you but are glad you're having fun!!


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