Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Long before I fell in love with photography, my interest was landscaping. I really didn't like the hard work but I loved being outdoors and the symmetry of a beautifully landscaped lawn and garden. I love going to greenhouses and gardens and walking through, smelling the aroma of fresh dirt, a blue spruce and often stopping to take in the scent of a peach rose. The beauty of all that God has created just blows me away and I stand in awe. In the summer a hydrangea shrub is a wonder but in the fall that same shrub becomes spotted with beautiful shades of rich purples, blues and magentas. Deep in the heart of winter a rose bush just demands on putting forth a bud that will soon turn into a gorgeous rose. I spend a lot of my evenings raking my yard, trimming and planting. I can think and let my mind wonder. I have had some very sentimental moments especially while stooping over a flower bed. My mind begins to wonder and meditate on the goodness of God and all that he has done for those that I love as well as those that are hurting and in need of prayer. Many times when I am done, I am very grubby and my clothes are stained but the reward awaits me in the morning hours. I hope you enjoy these photos.
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