Friday, October 30, 2009

Madison's B-Day, she's 11 years old!

Okay, so I said a birthday party was just too much for me with all that I have going on and also planning one of our biggest vacation trips ever. School was out for three days for a teachers conference and I wanted to take one of the days and attempt to capture some nice photos of my children and also take Madison shopping and out to eat. We started our day with a traditional portrait session, in which Samuel was.... well... about to get his neck wrung! In the end I think these turned out pretty nice and hope to get a large portrait to frame for my home, which is rare. I know what you are thinking, no photos in the photographers home!c Well yes and neither does the lawn stay consistently maintained and I have threatened my husband that I was going to fire the lawn company we are using, which means I'd fire my own husband! Not happening! Oh well back to the beginning. So after the "portrait" session the kids are thirsty and suffering from malnutrition (as always!). Egg rolls and fried rice was all we could three agree on so we grabbed some to go and drove over to Panera Bread and ate out on their patio. Little did the kiddos know that lurking under the table was my camera. I still had BIG plans, BIG plans! The adventure was quite interesting and as you can see I have two normal/abnormal children. We made our way into the Belk store and Madison informed me that she wanted UGG boots for her B'Day! Yea right! Yea RIGHT! I blind folded her and sent her scrambling back out the door empty handed which meant my credit card was still safely snuggled just where it was prior to this grand adventure. I raced all the way to The Children's Place in hopes that they had UGG look alikes. Sure enough, these little babies, all cute and pink, erased all her memories of her wants for UGG boots. I was really surprised at Samuel as he went about the store and chose himself an outfit too. You see, these kids don't question, they just load the buggy up. I'm lookin at them like..... and then they run off and I unload the buggy and check out as fast as I can. They deal with it later. Our last stop was a Chick-fil-A Oreos and Cream milk shake. If you haven't tried one I urge you to stop what you're doing and go see for yourself.

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