Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ridin on Four Wheels

We have an awesome place to take our four wheelers behind our house. Lots of tight trails with an occasional mud puddle along the way. Some of these puddles can only be maneuvered with Honda products but there are times when a few folks want to try out their Polaris and Kawasaki's... hint, hint! The rain has been plenteous this year and there have been lots of four wheelers in these woods which have made some of these puddles very big and muddy. Here is some fun shots that I captured a week or so ago.This is actually a mud fight between these two kids. Remember those days?

Renee has a way of getting Mike muddy every time. She can throw more mud...

1 comment:

shelby dee said...

aww looks like yall are having a BLAST i miss you guys =] tell mad and sam i said hi =] love you <3 oh and when are yall coming down here???


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