Monday, May 11, 2009

My Niece, Shelby

On Saturday my Aunt Sissy and I went to Downtown Batesville Arkansas and went picture crazy! As we walked down a street i guess she notice that it was empty so she decided that making me get in the middle of the it, sit down and pose would make a good picture. i thought it was crazy but it turns out she actually does know hat she is talking about:) We continued to walk along the buildings and i remembered that right around the corner was this old coca cola sigh that always caught my eye every time i passed it. well i told her about it and she went to one side of the street opposite the sign and i stood in front of it. She had me do all sorts of different things like walk up and down the side walk in front of the sign while she took pictures. That was super funny because as soon as i got to the place she wanted me at a car would come and i would have to start all over! we were taking pictures in that same spot for at least 30 min. But the ones with out a car i font of them came out really good! After that was over we got in the car and drove until we found this picnic table behind some building. She put a chair on top of the table and had me do every pose in the book! She also found this old broken down jeep to take pictures in. That was my favorite part of the "photo shoot" because the old jeep just looked so cool and the pictures came out great! The last place we went was the former Sweeden Cream which is now a Mexican resturant (we found that out the hard way). there was this huge tree stump in the front where everybody inside could see me standing on top acting like a really bad ballerina. I was sort of embarrassed but it was the most fun i had this weekend! When my Aunt Sissy said "Im going to take you down town and take pictures of you" she actually ment, " we are going to go down town, take the coolest looking pictures ever, make complete fools of our selves, and have a blast doing it!Photobucket<PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


Pete said...

stunning photos with the wall
nicely done

Tyler Culpepper said...



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