Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Madison is growing up? No Way!

Madison has been gently breaking the news to me that it is time for a change. A grown up bedroom just for her. If you could have seen me sobbing the other day while cleaning out her closets and chest your would have thought the world was coming to an end. Just to think that I will legally have her only 8 more years is more than my ticker can take sometimes. But let's go back just a mite so you'll know why I have given in to that change that Madison NEEDS.

You see, Madison sleeps with her brother and her Daddy still gets her dressed for school ( she's 10!) and I still dress Samuel for school. Daddy's Girl and Mommy's Boy. Well each morning she states that she didn't sleep well because of Samuel and the wailing and complaining was just more than I could take ( at 40 years old.) So I made the announcement upon gathering them up from school. It went like this. " Matt and Samuel, I have an announcement to make. Starting tomorrow morning you will both start dressing yourselves for school." They grinned proudly at the thought. He He He... I told Madison that I was going to purchase her a larger bed and from now on she would be sleeping in her "Queen" size bed. ( Her Daddy tells her she is a Queen.) Samuel was to continue sleeping in his. He doesn't have a King size bed yet. He knows that Dad is the King though. So the following 2 mornings went smooth with little moaning. The 3rd morning the sky fell. Madison wailed loudly in hopes that her Dad would come to the rescue and Samuel was in a rotten mood. While brushing his hair I told him so. He then informed me that If he didn't have to dress himself he wouldn't be so unhappy and that "people" were supposed to dress little boys in the morning. AHHHH.... how cute but guess what, it didn't work.

So I have purchased some new items for Madison's room and I felt as though I should photograph her room as a reminder what it was like to have a little girls room that she never slept in. Some tell me how easy it is to forget. When I get all of her new room accessories together I will post the before and after. And I am looking forward to her sleeping by herself and getting a good nights sleep. I will be introducing her to her new alarm clock and I don't doubt that she'll sleep right through it. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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Susan said...

Cynthia, I read this aloud to Tim, and we both enjoyed it so much. Yes, they grow up way too fast! Madison is such a darling little girl. I enjoyed getting to know her in Sunday school. And, Samuel - what a charmer.

Have you checked out So many people would enjoy your blog. There are all kinds of blogs. Some photographers. Some writers - one I really enjoy is Sis. Shirley Buxton, who spoke at camptmeeting. Then there are just lots of ordinary people like me :)

Thanks for telling me about posting larger pics. I found the info. I just haven't take the time to experiment with it yet.


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