Monday, August 18, 2008

On August 18, 1988, I knew what it felt like to have graduated from my hometown High School. I was a college drop-out with a few credit hours behind me. Little did I know that in a few short months I would be a married young lady. I wonder what I would have thought had someone slipped a note under my door with an itinerary of the next twenty years of my life. In fact, this is how it would have read. Dear Cynthia, I thought you might me interested to know that you will marry a noble gentleman within the next 6 months. He will be a hard worker and will provide for you. In fact he will cherish you and always let you know how much he loves you. Yet, through it all marriage will not be quite like those romance novels you immersed yourself in as an adolescent. Both of you will work through the hard times, strive together to achieve your lifelong goals for the next ten years. Then the best part will come. You will be blessed with a beautiful daughter which will become Daddy's little girl. Life will be well with family, friends, finances and a stable home. The circle will not be complete without a son and so when your daughter is 5 a baby boy will arrive. It will be hard for you to believe but the time will come for that little boy to experience his first day in kindergarten. In fact his first day will be August 18, 2008. I, even I don't know what the next day will bring. So go ahead and do not be afraid. Your life is just like the rose, each petal will fall in its on time. Sincerely, Anonymous.

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