Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I just can't help myself....

I just had to give a sneak peek to a few more. I have to ask a question? Which of these two little sweetys is passive and which one could be a cat chaser? Oh my what fun we had taking these photos. Hallie let her personality fly.  On the other hand Olivia was as smooth as honey.  Surely God did this on purpose!  Having two children of my own gives me grace to photograph children.  I actually took my two out the day prior to this shoot and OH THE COMPARISONS!!!  One would think that Samuel just got in from an overseas trip to Iraq. Everything is attack and shoot mode.  If I give him a command sister is standing ready to re-enforce the laws.  Oh that motherly side of little females.  Through it all children are ESSENTIAL!!!!  And that could be another long controversial paragraph. 


Pete said...

stunning. great model to work with

Cindy Rankin said...

Thanks Pete for checking in on me ever so often. I need the boost of confidence from time to time. Have you noticed the new name? I should have a real website up and running in a short while. This computer jargon has been a sweet trial. Plus funds are never abundant for this starving artist. Next time you should be able to go into my website from my blogspot. I will have some major re-organization on the site, but I've over come this hurdle.


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