Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kitten Soup?

Okay, have I ever mentioned that I am sort of weird? Not weird in an unsanitary way nahhhhh...... just that I allow a cat of all critters to crawl up in a bowl and be photographed. Photography will do strange things to you so think twice before purchasing a camera. For example, try lying on your back, legs and torso halfway on Calvary Road, seeking that purrfect spot. Did you just HEAR ME PURR? Weird....... It's not the first time I've laid on my back trying to get that sweet shot. Some folks might think that AT TIMES I'm trying to photograph the interior nostril of my subject. OOOOO UN-SANITARY!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I need to pause there and go back and clarify this cat thing so the rumors don't take wings and fly. I do love kittens and I always have. I do not allow inside animals at ALL!. My husband has brought home every kind of specimin for me to raise but I refuse!!!!!!! I do not run an animal shelter. Well anyway this Kitten is Jappeline (named by my weird niece). My Mom was forced by her grandmotherly love to pick this stray up and find it a home. So, guess what? She landed in my NOT animal shelter and my weird niece thought this was a great picture. Turned out purrfectly nice and unsanitary.

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