Monday, July 21, 2008

The Heavens Preparing to Let Loose!


Pete said...

You commented on my Photo blog ( with the following
"Interesting. Do you generally do this type of work and does this reflect what you do, where you live or just what interests you? Just nosey. I haven't gotten into macro yet . What lens do you suggest. And the reason I asked the first question is because most peoples photography tells something about oneself. I think I'm in to deep"
The answers:
No I don't do this kind of work. I am a scientist ;-))
The photos in the post you commented on was me playing with a new set of Dioptic Hoya filters.
Most of my other photos do reflect where I live and what I enjoy doing. having said that, I do enjoy macro photography.
As for the question regarding the lens. The filters are a cheap option, but some people are against them. I suppose nothing can replace a good quality macro lens. But then they are expensive. what is nice about the filters is that I can put them on a zoom lens for insects or a normal lens to get really close to flowers.
Hope that answers your questions.

PS Love your blog and will be dropping by to see what is new
have a great day

c. Rankin said...

Ahh, now I see. You are a scientist. Makes sense. I'll have to try out this filter. Beats the hundreds I'd have to pay for one. Are you a Canon shooter or a Nikon or something else? I suppose science is your bread and butter and photography is a side or maybe vice versa. Well anyway, thanks for dropping by, I need to get out and shoot more often. Ta Da!


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