Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He is so Little

Congratulations Benson! You were on of the top Photos for Tuesday July 15, 2008. You have lots of friends that love you very much.


AmandaLauren said...

This is such a cute photo!
If you are still wanting to get together sometime, you can email me at
so we can swap contact info. I didn't want to jus post it for everyone to see haha.
Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Amanda-Lauren Thomason

c. Rankin said...

Thanks for the compliment. I find that the best pictures that I take are not quite planned. I worked HARD this day to photo Benson and Cydney at close to dusk. Benson was busy and Cydney was quite charming. The pressure was on because I had both sets of parents out trying to help. Just a tip.... try taking pictures of children when they are not posing. Otherwise you will leave breathless and disappointed. It is okay to try to get their attention from time to time but its best to let them just be themselves. I have a wedding in September at Bro. Morris's church. If you'd like to tag along your'e more than welcome but I'm not really getting what I want because The Bride and Groom having to rely on her parents to foot the bill and they are disabled or on a fixed income. It will be a 2 P.M. wedding though so I should gets some good shots outside which I'm excited about! I heard you did some great shots of Arlie and her date. Would you send me a link to your blog again? I didn't save it.


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