Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Honda-1,2,3 & Little Honda-4

We all 4 of us own Honda 4 wheelers.  Madison and Samuel just got theirs this past spring.  We've lived in this house since before they were born  and 4-wheeling has been an awesome way for us to spend time together.  I loved it when Samuel was itty bitty and sitting in my lap.  He would often be lulled to sleep by the humming of the engine.  Now he's a BOY, all boy and it was time to teach them all the lessons a 4 wheeler can teach.  Snakes, mud puddles and oops, and an occasional run into a tree.  This was just yesterday. At this moment you can see the boredom on his face.  He's having to wait for his sister, who is bound to be a florist someday. She's   picking  wild flowers.  He's longing for another mud puddle to scream through.

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