Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lilly, Arkansas Heart Hospital service dog.

Lilly is the only pet ever to enjoy the pampering from the nurses and staff at the Arkansas Heart Hospital. Lilly's owner has undergone serious surgery and requires long term health care. Lilly has met all the qualifications to be a support to her family and is eager to be beside him at all times. Lilly's owner told me that Lilly's good behavior was one of the greatest attributes that Lilly has. She is potty pad trained and sleeps at all times with her owner giving him the utmost care and support. I was delighted to be called upon to stop in and take some shots of Lilly. A portrait will be given to the hospital in memory of Lilly being a longterm caregiver. Lilly was so obedient even when she really was tired of her shoot. She was so ready to be back in the arms of her daddy.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

John and Melissa: San Diego Wedding

it started as a family friendship. their boy met a girl far away. they fell in love. he said, "will you marry me?" she said yes. i wanted to attend the wedding. i carried my favorite camera along. they let me capture. their love. THE END 3


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